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Jan 17th

Jan 18th 2007

The rebuild is nearing completion; The side pods are due back from the painters tomorrow. Once they are fitted with the rads we can add the oil and water and fire up the engine for the fist time. The new bodywork is taking shape, it takes a lot of time cutting all the holes and fitting the vents, air scoops, dive planes etc but it is starting to look good. I am still trying to decide on a colour scheme and need to find a vinyl graphics printer.
We bought another race transporter last week, this one has a two stage lift, room for two cars, a full length awning, belly lockers and lots of other useful features. This will make life a lot easier on race day and means that Steve and I will be able to load up both cars for those weekends when we are racing on different days at different circuits
The Team had a trip to the Autosport show on Friday. I picked up my new Race Technology dash and a load of sensors. this means we can hook up the data logger to the dash and get all the info real time, it also means we can now log oil T+P , Water T, Throttle position, brake pressure, steering angle etc. The Dash is a really clever bit of kit and also displays predicited lap times based on sector times. The only think now working out how to programme it all!

Body panels - first fix