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Snetterton Race report

Two plus two equals one


It’s a four hour drive to Snetterton circuit in deepest Norfolk. We, Mark and I, arrived at 7pm on the Friday evening and met up with most of the fellow competitors in the Radical Challenge. We soon had the car unloaded and everything was set for a good weekend, including, for once, the weather!



We were out qualifying for our 15 min session early(ish) on Saturday morning. Snetterton is one of my favourite tracks, it has a mix of corners from the very fast  ???  and the long Coram curve which seems to go on for ever.  After an uneventful session we were 3rd on the grid behind Tom Ashton in his SR3 and Paul Steele in his SR4. Paul’s time was a great one give he has a smaller capacity car – He put it down to wanting to get the session over ASAP so he could nurse his hangover.

The car had not felt that great during qualifying so with 5 hours to go till the first race we decided to check the set up. This proved to be a good idea as it was way out, probably as a result of the recent ‘excursions’ at Thruxton and Combe. We reset the camber, ride heights and corner weights and then needed to set the tracking front and rear. With no track gauges available I got a lesson in how to set the car up with a set of poles and strings. This took some time to get right but was a great learning.


Race 1

An engine blow up in the previous race delayed the start of out race by 30 mins and, more importantly left a huge trail of oil all around the first half of the track. The officials decided to give us a rolling start to help us to avoid the worst of the slick. As the lights went green on the fist lap I moved right to slot in behind Tom’s SR3 and managed to make up a place on Paul by the exit of the first corner. Tom took the rest of the first lap very cautiously and I should have pushed harder to pass him. By lap three he had pulled out a couple of seconds on me but I managed to stabilise the gap. We both had some delays lapping back markers but it balanced out so by the end of the race Tom won, I was 2.5 seconds behind and Paul Steele came  in 3rd.

So 2nd overall, 2nd in class and fastest lap


Race 2

Watching the ‘in-car’ from the first race showed how over cautions I had been in  the first lap of race 1, clearly some more effort needed! Grid positions for race two were based on race one results so I was alongside Tom in 2nd place. This time I made sure I was pushing right from the green lights and running up to the Esses at the end of the long back straight I nipped up the inside under braking to take the lead. A great pass – so good that Tom followed my example and did the same to me on the next lap to regain the lead. He then pulled out a 5 second lead by the end of the race.

Same as race one – 2nd overall and 2nd in class


This now puts us in the lead of the 1500cc class for the season so far.



Next Race – August 28th at Castle Combe