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Radical Test Day 2nd April

Sometimes you just get lucky....Snetterton is one of the coldest tracks we visit and in early April it can be freezing, but not this year.

The official Radical test and media day was on the 2nd April and what a fantastic day for it - warm sunny weather, perfect for testing. We had six 30 min sessions to start to find the best setups for suspension, gearing, ride height, tyre pressures, aero and all of the other numerous adjustments that we can make. The first two sessions were spent scrubbing in new tyres, bedding in new pads  and generally making sure everything was working as it should. Analysis of the logger data showed we were not pulling max RPM in top so we dropped the gearing down. The last session before lunch was changed to a 1 hr session so this gave us a chance to do some consumption runs and get an idea of the laps per litre, or litres per lap.

After a quick lunch and then a photo shoot with all the cars assembled on the grid and the drivers lined up (Does my bum look big in this?) it was time to start pushing to see what the car would do. In each of the remaining 3 sessions we improved on our lap times, we also found some interesting differences between the two types of tyres we are using and ended up with a set up that gave times we were happy with. Overall we had a very satisfactory day's testing. As ever my thanks go to the team; Steve, Big Mark, Young Mark, Rachel, Phil and Ben they do all the real work between the sessions whilst I pretend to look at the data and know what's going on with the car and the driver.

In just 3 days time we get to try it out for real as we have the first two races of the Radical Challenge at Silverstone, then, on Easter Monday we have the first round of the Castle Combe GT Championship

If you are at either of these meetings please feel free to pop by the paddock and say hello, who knows you might even get a cup of tea!